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We're people. We go on our daily lives and probably never think about our actions and how they can affect the world. Throw out a plastic bag? So, what? We'll, you could've just killed a sea turtle! #TeamSeas is a non-profit organization aimed at removing at least 30,000,000 (thirty million put into context) pounds of trash oof the ocean. To do this? You guessed it: they need to raise $30,000,000. We are already half way there, but that's not enough if we want to make it by Jan. 1, 2022, which is the goal. So, here's where we come in. We are totally changing the game for charity donations here at Ian's Simply Greetings! Are. You. Ready?

1. We will start accepting donations through our website at checkout to donate 100% to #TeamSeas.

2. We will match any donation to #TeamSeas (If you are a Specialty Greetings member, and the max is 1 donation of $1 every month.

3. We are starting a rewards program called Greeting Points. Every purchase you make will count towards these points. $1 = 1 point. At 10 points you get a free $2 card or you can donate $2 to  #TeamSeas. At 100 points, you can earn 10 free $2 cards or donate $25 to #TeamSeas. At $1,000 you get to donate $500 to #TeamSeas.

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