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Calling All Privacy People!
Your privacy is our priority

No Data Used!

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Ian's Simply Greetings does not collect or store any of your data!

No Data Sold!

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Ian's Simply Greetings does not sell or give away any of your private information!

Data routed through trusted servers

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Ian's Simply Greetings only transfers your data through trusted servers!


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Ian's Simply Greetings does not use Google for any website analytics and we are removing all Google Forms from our site by 2022.

Transparency - analytics we use on our site:

- Clarity by Microsoft (Used for seeing how many visitors are on our site and which country they're in)

-VisitorAnalytics (Used for addition website statistics) COOKIELESS!

We NEVER use Google tracking services on our site as Google is known for bad privacy practices. We are removing all Google products (Google Forms) from our site by 2022.

To keep your data safe from attacks, we block traffic to our site from countries known for shady behavior and high cyberattacks that originate from them - this list includes, The Russian Federation, North Korea, and China.

Full Privacy Policy:

Ian's Simply Greetings (Cards) 

knows that your data is yours and we take monumental steps to protect it. Below is info about how and why we use your personal information.

How & Why We Use Your Personal and Device Information:

-We may share your info to our trusted partner, Cards For YOU&ME, to identify matching purchases.

-We monitor your IP address for shady behavior. If you are identified or marked as suspicious, your IP address will be denied access to our site. 

-We use third-party services to handle some of our processes. We are not responsible for their handling or your data.

What info is used for advertising?

-None. Your personal information is never used to target you with ads.

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